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Insight Accelerates Client IT Transformation Initiatives with Expanded IT Asset Discovery Capabilities

September 26, 2019

New Proprietary SnapStart Tool Inventories & Maps Data Center Assets 10-20 Times Faster Than Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Insight Enterprises (NASDAQ:NSIT), the global systems integrator of Insight Intelligent Technology Solutions™ for organizations of all sizes, today announced that its Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT) solution area has slashed weeks or even months off IT transformation projects by improving both the speed and the quality of the IT asset discovery process. Insight-led IT transformation services are now facilitated by a new SnapStart tool that inventories and maps IT infrastructure, assets, applications and related dependencies up to 20 times faster than commercial off-the-shelf solutions, shortening the total turnaround time for data platform modernization, cloud, migration and other major data center initiatives.

Coupled with information gathered by consultants from interviews with clients, the information provided by SnapStart lays the foundation for data platform modernization programs that drive business agility, operational efficiency, improved customer experiences and other vital business outcomes. Having complete visibility into the existing on- and off-site IT environment is crucial to planning successful technology migrations, cloud and workload alignment, data center consolidation, disaster recovery, data classification and virtually every other IT project.

Insight-led IT asset discovery services facilitated by SnapStart fast-track these initiatives by delivering exponentially faster setup and scanning of the environment. In one case, SnapStart finished the asset discovery process in two weeks with 95% data completeness and accuracy – including scanning 2,000 servers in the first week alone – compared to nearly 10 weeks with only 65-75% completeness and accuracy achieved with a third-party solution. In another, SnapStart completed a refresh of a client’s configuration management database (CMDB) in hours instead of the 16-18 weeks expected with the CMDB vendor’s own tool.

Other SnapStart benefits for organizations using Insight’s cloud and data center transformation services include:

  • Centralized data asset collection that saves time over single-purpose solutions
  • Insights into IT dependencies, criticality, and cloud and migration readiness
  • Detection of hidden and forgotten IT components as well as shadow IT
  • Minimal network and CPU demand, whether scanning 50 or 50,000 servers
  • Data exportability to the client’s power BI package for dynamic updating

No licensing fees, training or client involvement are required. SnapStart operation is handled by CDCT consultants as part of the IT discovery services engagement.

“The first step in platform modernization and associated business transformation is to take stock of a complex IT estate spanning cloud, edge, and on- and off-premises data centers. Commercial asset discovery tools are slow, typically gather only a subset of information such as storage or network assets, and cannot easily adapt to changing IT environments. If there’s an acquisition or divestiture that requires all server names to be changed, for example, everything has to be rescanned. That translates into substantial project delays,” said Shawn O’Grady, senior vice president and general manager, Cloud + Data Center Transformation, at Insight.

“As part of our cloud and data center transformation services, SnapStart eliminates those problems, provides a more reliable and thorough inventory of the data center environment than third-party solutions, and enables our consultants to begin planning and executing any given project almost immediately,” O’Grady noted. “The result is faster and safer project delivery that can help IT teams satisfy stakeholders, avoid problems caused by incomplete asset inventorying and mapping, and help their organizations achieve the competitive advantage central to today’s digital transformation efforts.”

Insight CDCT services are provided by a team of over 800 architects, engineers and consultants with deep expertise in all aspects of IT transformation and data center operations. For more information, visit

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