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Insight Helps Businesses Address Tough Questions on Changing IT Needs

May 10, 2018

New ‘What Insight do you need today?’ campaign drives a critical conversation: How can Intelligent Technology solutions help businesses improve operations, transform, innovate and compete?

TEMPE, ARIZ -- There is more information available than ever before - so much so that it can be challenging to glean the knowledge to influence the business decisions that will allow you to run smarter.

Insight Enterprises (NASDAQ:NSIT) today announced a new campaign that identifies with the phenomenon of information overload coupled with the challenges businesses face in managing their IT today and transforming for tomorrow by posing the question: What Insight do you need today?

"Like our clients, we have been asking ourselves how our organization can transform for the future. This process really highlighted what a challenge it is for many to get to the right questions - and even more so - find the right answers," said Steve Dodenhoff, President, Insight US. "The breadth of capabilities and depth of expertise Insight has today positions us well to be able to provide answers and create solutions that lead to real business outcomes."

Every company has different questions to ask throughout the business lifecycle. Specific to technology, many are looking for the partnerships to help simplify, provide expertise and services at a global scale.

To better determine what Insight you need today, consider these questions:

  • Roughly 80 percent of IT decision makers cited balancing resources to maintain infrastructure and grow the business as a top concern, according to the 2018 Insight Intelligent Technology Pulse. This may prompt many to ask: Is the process for procuring, maintaining and replacing technology too complex, costly and consuming of IT resources? What solutions would we need to be focused on innovation and other strategic business initiatives?
  • Of more than 100 IT executives surveyed in the IT Pulse, 77 percent called adapting to a more connected workforce a pain point. If your organization is similar, you might consider: Is our workforce technologically competitive (attracting and retaining talent in part because of the platforms and devices offered) and collaborative, or are they running on outdated devices and slowed down by poor connectivity and limited access? What productivity is being lost because of this? What is the cost of the lost productivity?
  • More than three-fourths of CIO/CTO said implementing secure, manageable and efficient workloads is a problem, according to the study. To engage discussion about your environments, ask: Have we evaluated workloads and assessed cloud and private data infrastructures? How do we plan to develop a strategy that reduces inefficiencies, ensures compliance and improves data safety and security?
  • Two-thirds of IT decision makers struggle to innovate and create differentiating experiences for customers and employees. This may raise the question: How are we leveraging data and analytics to improve business operations? What cutting-edge technologies, such as IoT, conversational agents, artificial intelligence and applications, among others, can help us compete and innovate?

"IT has become a source of innovation and differentiation for businesses. They need intelligent technology solutions to become more efficient and be competitive, and many need deeper insight into how to get there," said Ken Lamneck, Insight president and CEO. "This is why asking the question 'what Insight do you need today?' is exciting. We're seeing remarkable examples of what happens when innovation through technology evolves businesses and entire industries."

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