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Insight Releases Second Round of Intelligent Technology Blogs

July 16, 2015 3:27 AM EDT

Simply put, the one-size-fits-all approach to technology is long gone. The shift from information technology to intelligent technology has been fueled by the unique needs of each division within a company and senior executives from Insight Enterprises' (Nasdaq:NSIT) U.S. operations team shared their views on how intelligent technology can help organizations run smarter.

Sales and Operations - Steve Dodenhoff, President, U.S.

"Innovative business leaders are looking at their technology environment for ways to meet their sales goals, drive business growth and optimize client relationships. From customer relationship management solutions to marketing automation, and from enterprise resource planning systems to personnel management platforms, these leaders need someone who can advocate for their integrated technology needs and bring intelligent technology solutions together to help business run smarter."

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Finance - Helen Johnson, Chief Financial Officer, North America

"In a fast paced environment, management teams are working hand-in-hand with the finance department to drive business performance and be more agile in making decisions for the company. Intelligent technology is a great enabler for finance, adding color to business performance and market dynamics. It also helps finance paint the picture in a way that takes numbers and translates them to understandable actions. Together our whole company, including finance, sales, operations, product management and services, is leveraging intelligent technology to become a smarter, more information based business — which will allow us to create value for our clients, partners and teammates well into the future."

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Product Management - Bob Kane, Senior Vice President, Product Management

"Our clients demand complex, intelligent technology solutions to drive their businesses forward. The partners of yesterday, while still vital and important to the technology ecosystem, are being supplemented by a cadre of emerging and entrepreneurial solutions. The future of intelligent technology for businesses will include not only major brands we have come to know, but a number of wraparound technologies that extend today's products for virtually every line of business within a company; driving human resources, marketing, supply chain, sales, finance, legal and operations."

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Cloud - Harish Krishnamurthy, Senior Vice President, Cloud Services

"The future of the enterprise data center will be centered on Cloud computing. Each decade, it seems we have ushered in a new world of enterprise Cloud possibilities and today innovation in Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is revolutionizing business. We're enchanted by the promise of the efficiency that Cloud can deliver and believe Cloud-driven intelligent business technology, such as VOIP, may transform the way we look at computing and the data center."

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