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Insight Launches Intelligent Technology Blog Series

June 16, 2015 12:35 PM EDT

TEMPE, ARIZ. -- Intelligent technology is fueling every part of business today, and senior executives from Insight Enterprises' (Nasdaq:NSIT) U.S. operations team are sharing their views on its impact in a series of blog posts on areas ranging from human resources to marketing. Insight developed the new blog series to help business leaders across organizations to better understand how intelligent technology can help a variety of functions run smarter.

Business Services - Mike Gaumond, Senior Vice President, Services

"Whether the need is to find ways to make it easier for a stylist in a hair salon to perform their job or to help scientists spend more time discovering cures for diseases, clients ultimately associate technology with the ability to make their organizations run smarter. This is not a onetime goal - it's an ongoing process. Intelligent technology incorporates this but goes beyond the individual solutions that help businesses, schools and cities evolve. The value intelligent technology has brought to the IT services Insight provides is to quickly gain perspective, increase the speed of decision making, better predict market direction, and shape the solution that we design to meet the unique needs of various clients."

For more of Mike's thoughts, please visit Insight Hub.

Supply Chain - John Carnahan, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain and Operations

"Delivering an exceptional experience becomes markedly more difficult and complex as more businesses go global; the workforce expands and demands increase. In operations and supply chain we are expected to manage a volume of daily transactional data that would have been unbelievable ten years ago, with unprecedented efficiency. This simply won't be possible in the coming years without the intelligent technology necessary to quickly highlight exceptions in processes and enable alternative operational activities. You can have the latest and greatest in tech, but without it being able to provide intelligent insights while conforming to processes and people, all you'll have is an expensive paperweight."

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Marketing - Amy Protexter, Vice President, Marketing

"B2B buyers rely on the Web and social media to conduct anywhere from 70 to 90 percent of their buying journey. Marketing executives must leverage technology to ensure they show up all along that journey. They and their teams need to master Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), predictive analytics (big data) and many more areas. There's an intelligent technology solution for each and every piece of this equation. Marketing pros must deploy these tools and integrate with their CIO to produce the levels of ROI demanded in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We're working hand-in-hand with our customers to build the technology infrastructure required to make sure we are closely connected. If we didn't, we would be left behind."

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Human Resources - Jen Fernandez, Vice President, Human Resources

"In human resources, intelligent technology means simple. It means intuitive. It means data available at my fingertips, ready for consumption when I need it. It is allowing us to focus on important wellness issues and offer wearable devices to help employees manage their health. Intelligent technology is driving auto-renewals for pharmaceutical medications, which improves patient outcomes. Human resources is not thought of as the most tech-driven department, but we all have an opportunity to use intelligent technology to create a better culture so our employees are empowered to grow."

For more of Jen's thoughts, please visit Insight Hub.

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