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Insight Consolidates Broadband and Wireless Backup for Predictable Business Connections

September 3, 2015 3:59 AM EDT

Insight Enterprises' (Nasdaq:NSIT) US Operations has launched an inventive new service that integrates broadband Internet with wireless backup as an all-in-one solution to provide businesses with network connectivity for one flat monthly fee per location. This unique service positions Insight as the single partner a business can rely on for a highly-available and secure network to ensure employees and customers stay connected.

With Connectivity as a Service, Insight is providing end-to-end connectivity, from circuit to equipment installation through real-time network monitoring, so businesses have the option to work with one vendor and one invoice to connect multiple locations regionally or nationally on a business-grade data circuit.

With a preconfigured router installed at each location, the Connectivity as a Service equipment is monitored around the clock by Insight's US-based Network Operations Center as an ultimate umbrella of protection for immediate response if a connectivity issue arises. Additionally, if a business's onsite Internet connection service fails, Insight provides 4G wireless protection backup that will keep a business online as technical support is provided.

"The Internet has become a viable option to securely provide business connectivity and productivity, efficiency and customer engagement," said Mike Frey, VP of Insight Managed Services. "Our bundled service for reliable connectivity removes the hassle of juggling multiple vendors and contracts across multiple operational locations, and replaces a capital expenditure investment with a predictable and affordable operational expenditure. We are providing a service that enables connectivity, consolidation and predictability."

The Intelligent technology service supplants traditional enterprise connectivity architecture that required purchasing and installing hardware to run licensed software which required a business to maintain contracts with a variety of product vendors and broadband service providers. Insight's single-source service eliminates the business headache of maintaining a national footprint through a slew of commitments to regional vendors, multitude of invoices and varying service levels. Connectivity as a Service provides a single point of contact for management of an entire project, from supplying and installing products to handling vendors.

"Network outages and contract hassles can cause significant decreases in enterprise productivity, customer dissatisfaction and an immediate loss of revenue," said Frey. "We have brought a single solution of critical products, warranties and services so businesses can sidestep those issues and spend more time focusing on their business, not their connections."

For more information please visit Insight's Connectivity as a Service page or call 800-INSIGHT.

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