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Insight and Partners Explore New Horizons Together

November 2, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

TEMPE, ARIZ.-- The gap between science fiction and science fact continues to close. This year's Synergy event, Insight's (NASDAQ:NSIT) annual partner forum, embraces the possibilities by focusing on the technological innovations shaping the future and the challenges and opportunities they represent.

This year's theme, "Exploring New Horizons Together," highlights the innovation horizons that seem poised to break through for businesses and their customers. Conversations at the event will also explore what is possible as cloud goes mainstream and emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Technology as a Service take hold.

The event keynote will be given by Jerry Michalski, a research affiliate from Institute for the Future (IFTF), a think tank that creates plausible forecasts (not predictions) about the future. Insight is a member of this Silicon-Valley organization's 10 Year Forecast Program. Michalski will put a spotlight on critical inflection points to foster a thoughtful and informed conversation around people, business, society, technology and the future.

"When you imagine what's coming for future generations, three scenarios can help us understand the issues showing up over the horizon," says Michalski. "In one, intelligence will enhance every object and service around us. In the second, barriers will tumble, former customers will become producers and service providers and our public and private worlds will meld. In the third, trust is central, as we tap into the potential of global-scale collaborations."

Synergy attracts more than nearly 400 key partners of Insight—some of the world's best known technology brands. The gathering helps Insight and its partners align efforts for the coming year to better serve clients.

"For businesses, the future has real-life implications today and tomorrow. Technology is changing how customers engage, how workers interact and perform, how infrastructure is optimized and how operational excellence can be achieved," said Ken Lamneck, President and CEO, Insight. "Increasingly our world is going to look more different than the same, and we are excited to embrace and explore those horizons to better serve our partners, clients and the technology industry as a whole."

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